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Great advice there DJPbrah. I second a lot of things you say. Read the book, read it again, its very fun and easy to read, and reading it while doing the program is also very satisfying.

Do. Exactly. What. The book. Says. your mind will say: "maybe I could do it better otherwise", which is a great thought because it leads to progress and experimentation. but with ud2 don't do it, it'll be counterproductive.

For the carbload, I think this is the most personalized part in regards to how you feel and which foods are best for you. for me, having a big variety of carb foods did not end well. in the best carbloads i've had i only used about 2 major sources for the carbs - like cereal and pasta (with some carbs coming from milk and tomato sauce and a tad of chocolate and what not). in one of the best carbloads i've only used mangoes. like seriously i just ate lean protein and a ton of nicely cooled mangoes. it was mango season (and it was hot as hell) and we have Mindblowing mangoes where i live. maybe its less ideal but it wasan amazing carbload and i'll remember it till the day i die. I've wanted to do a beer carbload but never got around to it (probably avoided disaster).

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