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RDL 225*3*8
Leg extension 160*5*10
Lying leg curl 110*3*10
Crunch and back extension 70*4*8

The deload is finally over, and I can go back to feeling like I am doing something. I noticed there was a subjective difference between the lower days and the upper, where lower days I could actually feel the fatigue dissipate. This might be because I kept the excercises the same, just lowered the weight, while the upper days I was introducing barbell incline as a main movement. I think it could also be that my lower days are just a lower percentage of max, since I am more cautious on RDLs than compound upper work, and my hip flexor prevented any hard pushing, so the lower days were comparitively light. That said, a two week deload made me physically and psychologically antsy. I was bursting to do something, and I had to fight the urge to fidget or move around more.

Programming going forward should be pretty simple. I will just add weight linearly, counting backward from my goals. I haven't decided yet if I will do this straight, or if I will alternate one heavy and one light day, dup style. One day would progress in 3*8, the other 3*6, both in the main movements. Based on the research, growth will be identical, but it isn't clear that strength will be. Rpe will start rather low, around 4-5 reps from failure, either way.
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