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Chinup 195*3*8
Incline 170*2*8, 165*7 (Lost my groove and hit the supports. Next time do 170 all three sets.)
Hammer row 265*2*10
Dip 240*11, 10 (I got a little zealous on the first set and almost forgot I am only going for 10s.)
Dumbell upright row 40*2*12, 35*12
Curl 35*2*8, 30*7 (I am resigned to curls always suffering from everything else.)
Btn tricep extension 7th big setting 2*12, 10 (Increase weight)
Facepull 70*12, 60*2*12

Progression will continue as outlined in the GBR thread, increasing weight when first set hits the end of rep range, and the next sets are not far behind. Chinups will progress faster than incline, since I seem to have got a supercompensation effect from the last block, where 190 feels like a 12rm, so I started a bit conservatively there. I think the dips and the rows will push the progression on the others, since the weight increases are more fine grained.
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