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Originally Posted by AlphaBettor View Post
7-10 sets for large/primary muscle groups, less for small/overlapped ones. With typical rep ranges, this will put reps around 60 or perhaps higher, depending on the specifics.

I happen to be doing that exact split and with intelligent programming and accounting for overlap, the pull and especially push days are really not that bad. For leg days I would typically only work one muscle group (quads, hamstrings, or calves) at the full volume and maintain the others with a few sets apiece. Throw in some token core work and I'm out of there. That's obviously not the only way to approach things but it works for my schedule and recuperative ability.

I have a somewhat different opinion on this now. The original 7-10 sets recommendation works fine for individual muscle groups, but add it all up, and it tends to be more work than I'm willing to do (even on a 4x/week PPL type setup)

More realistically, I tend to do more like 4-8 sets for primary muscle groups. Cut that in half for smaller/overlapped/lower priority stuff.

For the leg workouts, I tend to do a more even distribution of work than what is described above, but in the lower end of the range. Call it personal preference.

I really like the PPL setup, but others are good too. Different splits have different strengths and weaknesses and there's little reason to only use one. I also work in specialization training as needed/desired. I'd rather use that sort of 'strategic' approach than to try to push the volume too much across the board.
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