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Default carb load on a low carb diet

i've read lyle's artical about carbloading on the ketogeneic diet.
As he wrote, when you carb load you "desrve" to eat almost double your maintaince calorie becuase your gycogen tanks are empty.

i am 25 years old and after some years spent in gyms, i am now in a place in my life where i want to maintain my body and feel good and healthy.
i pretty much eat the way lyle recomended in his Guide to flexible dieting: lots of lean protein + Fibrous Vegetables and i am at about 100-150 carbs a day at most. works great for me, lots of energy.
when i eat this way and train, after 3-4 days i can tell my glycogen level is low (thinner skin, i feel less fresh while running and have a more desire for sweet foods).
so my question is: although i am not on a ketogenic diet, it's still relatively low carb diet and my glycogen stores are on a negative balance.
can i still implement a carbload/refeed of like 200-250 and be in a caloric supralus without the fear of gaining fat? (taking in to account to eat low fat in this day/specific meal)

thanks a lot!
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