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Originally Posted by smedleyamy View Post
Hi lylemcd,

Hey,Fat cell water content and fat loss is a nice information. I like it as you are also include basic in it.Low intensity walking is surprisingly effective in fat reduction as is hydro saturation. Cell absorbs high amount of water in these conditions.A carbload would release the water in the cell? The triglyceride were removed from the cell, that the fat cells refilled with water in the short-term, eventually the body dropped that water and the fat loss 'became evident' . I don't believe this situation occur in real life. Can anyone explain me the right reason and provide in formation regarding fat loss procedure in it.I am waiting for that golden information.

Why do you come on this site to argue? You do nothing but argue with Lyle and his theories, yet you continue to post on HIS site. Either stay and stop trolling, or leave and troll elsewhere.
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