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Originally Posted by justin37013 View Post
Would eliminating sodium intake affect this at all?

When I used to have to cut weight for wrestling I would eliminate sodium content about 3 days prior and see a nice drop.

Also, drinking about a gallon of distilled water always makes me eliminate a lot of water retention(yes more than just chugging tap water)... purely anecdotal I realize and of course that might just be for the lack of sodium in distilled water.
Yes, cutting sodium, or reducing it compared to your daily baseline intake, will cause you to shed water. Reduce sodium for a day and odds are you'll wake up a little lighter - but you'll bounce back on day 3, since this only works in the very short term. The hormones regulating water balance adapts rapidly (and you need to reduce sodium further to drop more water).

And you're right on the other claim, as tap water usually contains (very) small amounts of sodium.
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