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Originally Posted by Patrick N View Post
If I could find an experiment, even an animal-based one, where they tested a caloric surplus using a diet of 100% fat, then I think I could convince him.

Here's a study comparing a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet to a carbohydrate-free, high fat diet in rodents. The net increase in epididymal fat was identical in both conditions, which refutes Martin's claim that one cannot gain fat on a carbohydrate-free diet.

The researchers stated:

In summary, we have demonstrated that triglyceride synthesis in adipose tissue is not down-regulated when carbohydrate appears to be limiting; there is an extensive triglyceride turnover during conditions where ~0% of the calories are derived from dietary carbohydrate. Our data suggest that the contribution of glucose and non-glucose carbon sources shifts with changes in nutritional status
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