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Default Slight Programming Change

I'm changing the original schedule I had set out for these back to back runs for a couple reason:

1) I'd like to get in the full carb load and follow up with a UD2 power workout which won't be possible with my original schedule due to my gym's hours and work.
2) Carb loading generally causes horrible GI issues for me a lot of the time even if I try to stay away from fiber as much as possible. I don't want to have a screwed up stomach for my trip to Chicago.
3) It will give me more than 3 days of a break before starting my second run
4) I am actually ahead of schedule by about 3 lbs as far as weight loss is concerned.

So the new schedule:
Continue RFL through July 18, giving a total of 9 days for the first cycle.
Perform tension workout a la UD2 on the evening of July 18.
Carb load July 19. I will probably tweak the macros to ~225g of protein and 600-700g carbs instead of the 900-1200g of carbs I should be consuming Hopefully this will avoid any major bloating and the protein will help me not go crazy once I start eating the carbs.
Power workout July 20. Eat at maintenance (2300 cal) with >300g carbs and >200g protein.
Maintenance calories July 21-23.
Begin second cycle July 24. Terminate August 1 with same outline as the first load/power workout. This second cycle is heavily dependent on how lean I am. I may end it early if I feel I am losing too much LBM.
Extended maintenance during my trip to Holland. Hopefully I will be lean enough to transition to a lean gaining phase when I return August 20.
This will give a total of 18 days of RFL with nearly a week break in between the two 9 day cycles.
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