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Originally Posted by funkord View Post
I was not feeling well this morning upon getting up, was feeling extremely lethargic. From past experience I know that this is related with waking body temperature, so I measured it and it was really low: 35.1 celcius (95.1 fahrenheit). I don't know if this is consequence of the deficit or something else but it is not pleasant at all.
Anybody experienced anything similar?
It looks like your temps normal again. Good news.

Are you sure about the prior 95.1 Fahrenheit??? For each 1.8 degrees (approximately) below 98.7, the metabolic rate, typically, runs 10-13% lower. That means, in the past, your rate was/is running 20-26% below baseline.

You may consider getting this checked out. You must be freezing, at times, especially your hands. Holy cow. You’re Mr. freezing, PhD. I run about 97.5 and hands are cold enough.

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