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Default question on bromo with asthma inhaler and other meds

Hello Lyle,

It looks like this bromo faq is brand new? It appears to answer the question I had which was whether I could take bromo with my xopenex asthma inhaler, which I believe is a sympathomimetic. So based upon this, it appears that the answer is yes - just want to confirm.

Also, diagnosed as borderline diabetic, and am on metformin, also taking armour thyroid after radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism in 94.
Would there be any contraindications for bromo with these two meds?
Metformin initially gave me digestive symptoms, but fine now. I thought that the additive effects of metformin digestive symptoms and bromo possible digestive side effects might give me problems, but so far, I feel fine on the bromo, which I have been taking for a few days now. Also, I know that
bromo will lower Blood glucose, but so far, not going too low. (although bg was 62 after 1 hour of riding bike the other day - but that is normal for me - just eat some nuts and raisins and i'm good)

Thanks very much,

David Schlesinger
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