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Thanks for your elaborate reply. I hope Mark Zuckerberg knows how to do laundry.

I'm actually a similar kind of person, however, from another culture (I'm from Europe) and therefore not very much into BBQ restaurants (whatever they may be). For me, it works well to have a structured/ordered lifestyle across the week as well, but I'm still figuring out how to incorporate those sedentary and flexible weekends. To be more specific: I train Mo/Tu/Th/Fr and prefer to eat well/functional on those days, leaving little room to go overboard in the weekends.

On a side note:
Did you ever try to use a form of intermittent fasting, allowing you to eat after 6PM? If you didn't, it may be a worthwhile extension to your regime. Especially because you get to eat more after work (i.e. your free time) and it allows for food to be consumed before bedtime, possibly improving sleep.
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