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How did you get your bodyfat numbers? How reliable is the source? Most are not that relaible. for instance, you mention never going under 19% BF, but your 110/147lbs weights indicate 25% bf. so i'm not sure if everything adds up.

Your BMI is like 22, which is in the normal range.

You could investigate getting the stubborn fat solution book for an explanation of why women get more fat on the hips/legs. But the actual protocols laid out in there probably wouldn't make sense for someone training for triathalons or trying to have a life.

Basically, I don't think think you can recover, have a life, train, and try to get really lean at the same time. I'd drop either the training or the dieting.

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(bulimic in the past and easily get food obsessed)
Yeah, most of us do. It's most important to keep perspective.
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