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Originally Posted by Loaded View Post
I remember you saying somewhere that you should stick with the same exercises so you can monitor progression, but for instance using this split could someone use certain exercises for chest/delt/tri on the first workout then do some different ones on the second chest/det/tri workout? Or should you just keep the exercises the same and maybe just vary the rep ranges?
Intuitively, I would say that you should do technical and/or new lifts more often (2x week) and the rest you could do only 1x week. But then, I personally don't see any need to use more than 4 different upper body compounds in the first place so there simply wouldn't be anything different to fill day 2 with, and nobody cares about curls.
Another idea would be to use heavy stuff (bench, push press) one day and lighter stuff (close grip bench, press) on the second day? Or one day light vertical and heavy horizontal push, the other day heavy vertical, light horizontal push I'm just making stuff up tbh.
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