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out of your article...
Id also note that people often make comments about the above equation which shows just how utterly clueless they are about it. For example, people will point out that replacing carbs with protein leads to greater weight loss although they have the same calories; ergo the equation is wrong. What they fail to realize is that protein has a higher thermogenic effect and this modifies the TEF value of the equation; the energy OUT side of the equation changes if you replace carbs with protein. But they seem to try to treat the sides of the equation independently in this case; which is wrong.
i do not get that completely.
Energy In (corrected for digestion) = (BMR/RMR + TEF + TEA + SPA/NEAT) + Change in Body Stores

if you replace carbs with protein (same amount of calories), the left side of the equation stays the same or changes slightly due to disgestion issues.

TEF goes up. Changes in Body Stores has to decrease (tissue loss) so the equation reamains balanced?
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