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Originally Posted by Determinism View Post
First of all, your body fat percentage must be higher, unless you're stage lean all year (or dead).

Secondly, your body NEEDS fat. As you said, don't be neurotic about it.

You're so right

Finally, as a cat1 your body needs more protein and dieting slows down anyway. Although RFL is fast, it may not be the smartest option if you're approaching very low BF%. Some extra fat, calories or some form of cycling isn't a bad idea.
Thank you so much for your response.
Just going from what the Dexa reading was, (I know all kinds of things can influence dexa), but I have always done them fasted in the A.M before exercise. When I'm stage lean I've measured 11.5% (Dexa again)
I actually think I do probably function best on cycling - I quite like UD2 for that, but personally found it hard not to overdo the refeed days, so am weary of it. You're right about RFL being fast though, it's been 3 days and visually there is a big difference (I know it will be water weight etc, but it really is noticeable).
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