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Default PSMF and SARMS Ostarine and Cardarine

Hi there,

I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were on using Sarms like Ostarine and Cardarine (know it's not really a SARM) while on the PSMF diet?

Since Ostarine prevents muscle loss and promotes fat loss, and Cardarine will make your body burn your fat stores for energy over fat in your diet and prevents muscle loss...

And at the same time both will give you much more endurance in the gym, would these allow you to do more weight exercise while on PSMF without losing more muscle? And without putting on weight?

And therefore help you lose more body fat then just the diet while keeping more muscle?

Or is this just too much to ask of your body? Could it still spike your cortisol up and make you put on fat instead of losing fat?

Any thoughts welcome!
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