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I took 200mg on Thursday (17/8/17) and didn't take it again till Monday the 21st. Upon my first usage I just felt a really warm belly and my hands and feet felt like they were always slightly sweaty. On the second time (Monday) I took 200mg at 12pm, I didn't have any affects till that night where I felt really dizzy, as a result I didn't take it Tuesday yet still felt dizzy, not that I slept too well though. This morning (Wednesday) I felt fantastic and everything appeared to be back to normal. I was standing on 1 foot last night and it felt like I was on a rocking boat, this morning it felt fine. Then at about 2pm (over 48hrs later) I'm feeling dizzy again and standing on one foot feels like a mildly rocking boat. Note: I felt fine over the weekend.

I also have maybe the slightest pins and needles in my hands but it could be that slight that it's placebo from all the PN related articles I've been reading.

I have been taking 1g Vit C, 500IU Vit E. 400 IU Magnesium citrate, Lite salt, and drinking 4-6l of water a day. Also been having about 2200 calories (which is normal for me).

Also worth mentioning I went from 91.2 (200.6) on the 17/8/17 to 89.4 (196.6) this morning.
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