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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
too much deficit
not enough sleep
too much stress
too much excercise
too much chonric glygogen depletion
reducing the ammount you are lifting by too much
overtraining your muscle groups
not training each muscle group enough
getting sick
insufficient nutrients

i suppose if everything goes wrong, you have maximum muscle loss, and if everything goes right, you have maximum muscle retention

i don't see anyone signing up for a study you you get sleep and calorie deprived to see how much muscle you can lose
I should have clarified, apologies.

I'm more interested in the effects after you've already controlled or optimized most of those variables away. As in, you're getting enough protein, you're sleeping well, you're doing resistance training a few times a week, you're not a smoker, you're not sick or neglecting micronutrients, etc.

So more interested in variables such as:

-Does bodyweight matter?
-Does bodyfat % / amount of LBM matter?
-Does the size of the deficit matter, and does it matter more relative to bodyweight, bodyfat, etc, or some other metric?
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