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Wow. I am just consumed by this drive to finish having my abs come in. I feel like ive beem trying to do this for a decade. I remember the old days restricting myself to no fats while I crammed down cereal and pasta with my chicken breasts because I had no clue what I was doing.

Im only 9 days away. So close but it feels like an eternity. I didn't go to $1 night with my favorite waitress. I turned down a few beers with a friend after work. I turned down late night beers with two girls at a locals bar.

I don't know what it is. 11 days without watching sports, sex, gambling, drugs, music.. I could do any of them. But 11 days no drinking while eating almost nothing is brutal as a category 1. Especially while hopped up on stimulants all day.

Day 2: Girl I like texts me at 12:45 AM. Wakes me up. Normally im the heaviest sleeper ever but on these stims with no alcohol to induce sleep I cant go back to bed. So I head to the gym for a 2:30 AM upper body depletion workout. Punishing. Come back eat my whey and read the forums for an hour before going to bed for a few hours before work.

600mg caffeine and 75mg ephedrine gets me thru work without eating. 200mg caffeine and 15mg yohimbine sends me on a 6 mile , 96 minute walk in the summer heat. I come back to my whey and 1 lb ground beef with fat free cheese and sugar free ketchup. Nap. Then pile on protein while I do dishes and laundry.

Intake: fat 28g, carb 62g, protein 272g, calories ~1, 630
Output: ~3, 300

Now im taking melatonin to go to bed. Day 3 awaits.

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
My Wild Ride to A great body in my 30s.

Thank you Lyle. This website is a game changer once you understand the mechanisms behind fat loss/muscle gain.

Spun my wheels for years prior to finding this site.

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