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Originally Posted by kyoun1e View Post
Huge Patriots fan. And not a new bandwagon fan. Been watching the Pats since 1975 in the Steve Grogan days. Yes, I'm old.

Bunch of lousy games on Turkey Day. And for once, I'm having thanksgiving at my house and have control of the TV. Yet, no good games.

Pats of the year Monday night.

And I HATE the Steelers.

you sound like my brother. huge fan, way back when it was almost embarrassing to be a fan of those guys. i remember him writing letters to all his favorite pros......and getting quite a few hand written responses and photos back. i think he still has one from zorn when he was the seahawks QB.

anyway, his favorite player at the time was daryl stingely(sp) and if your a fan you know what happened. our backyard games werent quite the the same after learning what happened to him.
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