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Originally Posted by bluejacket View Post
you sound like my brother. huge fan, way back when it was almost embarrassing to be a fan of those guys. i remember him writing letters to all his favorite pros......and getting quite a few hand written responses and photos back. i think he still has one from zorn when he was the seahawks QB.

anyway, his favorite player at the time was daryl stingely(sp) and if your a fan you know what happened. our backyard games werent quite the the same after learning what happened to him.
Yup. Remember Stingley well. That was a tragedy here in NE. Jack Tatum is to this day one of the region's most hated players in any sport.

Steve Grogan still one of my top 5 all-time Boston sports heros. Along with Fred Lynn, Rick Middleton (Bruins), and well, of course, Larry. I'm dating myself with a couple of those guys.

Listening to talk radio these days is a joke. Fans don't remember the dark, dark days. The 2-12 days. It used to be so ugly. The Brady era is all gravy.

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