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Originally Posted by lylemcd View Post
Heavy bi/tri work seems to be pretty variable. Some folks can do it in good form and get a lot out of low rep work. Others end up substituting other muscle groups and get nothing out of it.

Heavy isolation work (e.g. barbell curls, decline nose breakers) can also give some people joint problems. OF course, close grip bench is always there as an excellent low rep tricep movement. Followed by decline nose breakers or something more 'isolation' for higher reps, that's a winner for tris.

In the latter case, using a slightly higher rep range for bis/tris (6-8 for the 'heavy' sets followed by 12-15 for the 'lighter' sets) may be a better option, you get better muscular stimulation as a function of being able to use better form.

Some have noted empirically that their arms seem to do better with higher reps; I suspect it's more of an artifact taht most people will use crap form for low rep arm work (e.g. try to do low rep triceps pushdowns without doing it as sa decline bench press and taking all the stress off of your triceps)

If you can find non-biceps back work (e.g. pullovers, shrugbacks), that's one way to avoid problems with interference. Still cut back the volume mind you but weights don't crater so much by having trashed bis early in the workout.
OK--For arm specilaization I am doing the following split whenever I get the fat off:
Day 1 - arms, chest shoulders
Day 2 Deadlifts, abs traps
Day 3 off
Day 4 Arms, Lats
Day 5 Legs
Days 6&7 off
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