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Default Low calorie jello cheesecake snack!

1x sf jello (strawberry or strawberry banana great for this) 40 cals

OR 7g gelatin (i use knox, 25 cals)+ 1 packet jolly ranchers watermelon flavoring (10 cals)

225g cottage cheese/greek yogurt ( fat % your need based)

1 packet jello cheesecake filling

12g pbfit by better bodies (or pb 2)

Set jello mold in fridge, and when its ready, whisk/blend together the filling+yogurt+pb. Pour the filling on top of the jello and put in fridge for a bit. For little thicker filling throw in a gram or two max of xanthum gum. Hope someone likes it. I also started adding some protein powder to the filling (salted caramel myprotein or any vanilla or strawberry works)

Jello-40 cals

Filling-50 (pb)+90-130 ( assuming ff cc or greek)+100 (jello cheesecake filling)

300 cals ish for something that tastes better than 30p cals
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