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Default antipsychotics, bipolar and dieting

Hi there, I'm a new member and have recently got into Lyle and his enlightened approach to women's fat loss! Hopefully there are other people here who have to take psyche meds and who have still managed to lose weight, keep in shape and not get pill podge.

I know that Lyle came out as having bipolar 2. I have bipolar type 1 and have been told that I will need to go on to antipsychotics long term to prevent another relapse of mania.

Does anyone here have any advice as these meds are horrible for hugely increased appetite (think insatiable human carb vacuum), insulin resistance and weight gain? I am going to have to start Abilify (aripiprazole) and they say that a lot of people don't gain weight on it, but a Google search informed me otherwise!

Any experience and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a 40 year old 5' 3" woman currently weighing around 9 stone 10 and trying to get to a lean 9 stone 3.

It's taken me 2 years to lose a stone and a half after the last time I was on olanzapine!
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