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Originally Posted by Yonk4949 View Post
Cinnamon Pancakes:

- 1 cup vanilla whey protein
- 3/4 cup egg beaters OR 5 egg whites
- Cinnamon (at least 1tsp + to taste)
- Splenda (3-4 packets)
- Pam

(1) Pre-heat the non-stick pan or cooking surface of your choice to medium low heat.

(2) Get a bowl, add all of the ingredients together, mix thoroughly.

(3) Spray pan with Pam. Pour on to cooking surface, give it about 3-4 minutes on the first side, flip and then 1-2 minutes more and you're done!

Couple tips: It's very sloppy when you flip it so you want to do it fast. I put the cover on the pan for a while so the top firms up a bit. When you're done sprinkle on another packet of splenda and some more cinnamon.

Depending on the whey and choice of eggs:

40-50g protein
1-5 g carbs (less if you use egg whites)
0g fat

Can't get much better than that on this diet.
Literally going to try this one tmrw
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