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Originally Posted by Lily Pink View Post
I have generally looked at fiber as medicinal and not nutritional, to help the body remove toxins. It is basically an anti-nutrient and cannot decipher between what is needed for the body and what is not so while it absorbs toxins it also takes precious vitamins, minerals and fats with it too. It forces the body to produce mucus and use water to expel the foreign substance. The body must replenish everything when we ingest fiber (extra vitamins, minerals, fats, water, electrolytes, etc...) and is extremely taxing on the body for the body cannot rest and heal/build muscles until the fiber is eliminated. It can destroy the delicate villi in the intestines and actually cause tears in any part of the digestive tract. it causes gas, bloating and intestinal distress while it rapes the body of everything it needs to survive. I can not see any reason to take fiber above the occasional seasonal fruit/veg unless you have a bout of diarrhea (a sign that the body is trying to rid itself of some toxin). Your thoughts?
Yeah, everything you wrote above is wrong. Those are my thoughts. I also think that you're a post bot looking for the term fiber. Please PM me to prove me wrong.
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