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Ok, it's been about three additional days since last post.

First day I went WAAAAYYYY over maintenance by getting a Chinese takeaway bought for me and a few ice creams sticks in a rare sort of 'f**k it' moment. My calories before that point were pretty low so it wasn't as bad as it could be.
If I had to guess I'd say I was realistically 2000 calories over for the day. I find it super hard to calculate thick highly processed Chinese takeaway curry. If it's only 'a LOT' of fat then my guess above is accurate but if it's a cup of oil in it then god knows what it is. It didn't have the oily sheen of really insanely oily foods though. The sauce is powder based.

Second day was fairly good.
I had lots of lean BBQ style foods and a few drinks plus a few bits and pieces. It wasn't low nor high.

Third day. Low appetite and was dealing with the 'ahem' aftereffects of undercooked BBQ food so this day was pretty low and I was surely in a deficit.

Fourth day.
Low calorie day in a medium to small deficit I wager. Solid gym session.

Start of day 5.
Felt unusually hungry for breakfast so had small bowl of cereal. I've most of my meals arranged for today so I can't be too off.

Honestly, I find from previous dieting experience just eating a few moderate sized meals of most foods (aside from the obviously very high calorie ones), minimizing the carbs a little, and stopping my snacking to a few bits of fruit and lower liquid calories the weight falls off me without much effort.

I'm so glad my mental game is relatively good (thanks to Lyle) that this awful high calorie day I feel like 'meh no big deal'. Tomorrow is always another day. One day won't make or break anything.
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