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Apologies if there is a better thread than this one, but in regards to LISS (say just walking on the treadmill as an example), is there a difference between these?
1) walking an hour all at once
2) walking 30 mins in the morning, 30 mins in the evening
3) same distance covered in either #1 or #2, but spread all day via an active job

All three assuming the same pace (although #3 at the same pace is probably unlikely in that context).

The above being specific to fat loss (external to the performance adaptations that occur for someone like a long distance runner after various time passed, but don't have as clear a picture in my head re fat loss).

I could see there being a difference if #2 were in the morning and using YC, as you are getting twice the time exposed to what is essentially one of the easy SFS protocols.

But I'm mostly interested in that the number one issue for cardio for me is that I get bored so fast - I've lost my long distance ability to concentrate. So doing one in the morning and one in the evening is more attractive b/c each one isn't as boring.
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