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I will side with Lyle on the "more isn't always better" in developing muscle. When I was at 220 pounds and wanted to lose fat/gain muscle. I ate 600 calories less than my maintenance + low carb and I did hiit training for 30 min. 3x a week fasted 15min right after waking up with no food and than 30min. hiit 3x a week during the day after lunch.

I mean i went hard, i know people say "hiit" but i had my hr at 180 to 185, my max is 199. I was going crazy for about 2 months straight, i also worked out 4x a week with weights and i can say that my strength went down, my bench went down, squat, deadlift, everything. The only good thing that happened was my fat sunk like crazy and i lost like 40 pounds in those 2 months.

But my arms were small, my legs were small, I looked anorexic with a pot belly. It wasn't a good look. The only thing other than fat loss that going that hard with hiit did was develop my thighs and my endurance on cardio. I can run on the treadmill for an hour str8 now without a problem.

now I'm on ud2 and decrease my cardio to 3x a week 50min. but moderate intensity.
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