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Originally Posted by funkord View Post
For the sake of not Opening an extra Thread but i have somehow Started hating high Protein diet. I simply cannot Chew down 200 g of Protein without Relying heavily on Shakes. I simply do not enjoy forcing down Protein at Every meal. I have observed though That when I just eat what I like, that is follow an actually enjoyable diet I Mostly easily hit 130 g Protein Minimum and Can easily stay in a Nice deficit. To put it more simple, anything beyond that intake I have to Force Feed at a calorie intake I currently am at, 2000 cal daily. Really dont know how to Go about this, making the deficit enjoyable or less painful but not losing stupid amounts of muscle. Sorry for the typos, my Phone is Crazy.
The answer is as you said: shakes. If you can't do it without, then you do it with. Plan the rest of your diet around it.
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