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Originally Posted by BigPecsPeter View Post
You've missed the point.

But sticking to the standard stock maintenance/bulking recommendation of 1g per lbs, when you weigh upwards of 170lbs that becomes a lot of protein eating to keep up with. Potentially expensive too.

What Hectic is saying here is that, in the long term, for many people the only workable way of keeping that up will turn out to be a couple shakes a day to supplement their protein intake from food.

And I've found a number of instances where women were struggling to consume as much as even 100g protein in solid food form.
TIA. And I've been trying to be "good". Protein every meal and snack. Random recent day:

4 oz. ground turkey 22 g
4 oz. lean ham 20 g
3.5 oz. pork chop 28 g
170 g quark 14 g
Quest bar 12 g

96 g protein, picked up 10 more from veggies & coffee
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