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By all measurements (I've tried 4 different ones) I'm at about 15% body fat now. I'm only down to 197 pounds or so but that's because I think I've added some muscle mass since making squats and deadlifts (with progressive overload) a regular part of my workout routine.

My arms and legs are very lean and vascular, the most vascular I've ever seen them. I still have some stubborn fat in my belly though. I'm pretty lean everywhere but there (lean by my standards at least). I'm doing fasted walking every morning, sometimes with yohimbine, always with black coffee, usually with green tea extract to try to target that belly fat.

My plan is to keep cutting until late August and get as close to 10% body fat as I can get then to to maintenance for 2 weeks then begin a guilt free bulk. I'll probably bulk through the fall and winter. Around spring I'll try and calculate how much cutting I need to do to get back down to close to 10% and decide when to start a spring/summer cut from there.

Hopefully by next summer I'll look pretty damn good.

I started this journey at 260 pounds and probably 35% body fat.
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