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Today I found out categories of weight training went all the way up to 8! Yesterday I tried finding 4, but I guess you took it down to edit, haha.

Anyways when looking at beginning weight training where does "Categories of Weight Training" fall in. I saw your final piece on strength:

Intensity (%1RM): 85-100% (with some variety)
Rep Range: 1-5 reps/set
Rest between sets: 1-2 minutes+
Total volume per workout: Massively variable
Frequency: Heavy twice/week, higher frequencies with submaximal loads
Exercise selection: Some specificity is required
Exercises per muscle group: 1-2 primary movements per workoiut heavy, everything else moderate or light
Failure or not: Depends on goals.

From the information I gathered these articles are beyond the Beginner? It seems like it would be hard to do a three time a week cycle on this. I just started starting strength as suggested by practical programing which was featured in this both article series'. And I was thinking of possible ways to combine the two since, based off of what I have read, SS is directed towards a strength sport. But I guess a good foundation of this would be good for a mixed sport, ie. rugby.

Everything mentioned in categories of weight training reminds me of the program I followed my first 2 consistent months of training, before I switched to Starting Strength today. Switched to it after deciding I would rather get my shot at playing a sport, for the first time in my life, in my last 2 years of college than care about looking good with hypertrophy training, but I digress. Basically it had most everything you talked about in it, but this is post for the general section, or maybe the categories of training section.
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