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Default Fat Levels in Diets

In flexible dieting Lyle determines protein requirements based on LBM then carbs based on activity. After this fat is used to eat up the rest of the calories.
In the forums on there is a suggestion that a minimum of 0.4g/LB of fat be consumed. Without this it suggests you have problems with hormone production.
Now I always found this recommendation to be a bit strange since if you are losing weight your body is generating fatty acids and glycerol from stored fat via lipolysis. I have even seen suggestions that the types of fat liberated in the process resemble those consumed in excess in the past. So fat is available and it seems to be substantially the same as what you might eat.
Over the past year or two I have been losing weight tracking protein, fat and fiber minimums each day. Over the last say 6 months I really started doing a lot of aerobic activity (running etc). Mostly the reason for this was that I could since I had lost a lot of weight.
So I shifted recently to a model where I eat back exercise calories with an emphasis on carbs. Without doing this I see big swings in my weight and performance from glycogen depletion.
So I am wondering if I should ditch any fat minimums while trying to lose weight? I am not looking to eat a low fat diet by any means. It just might be more flexible to not always consume 70+g of fat a day if I don't have to.
This is a short term diet now to just lower my weight after putting on a bit while trying to get stronger in the gym.
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