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Default Cat 1 Male - First run RFL

Hi everybody,

so this should be my RFL log as category 1 male. I'm 28 years old, from Germany and currently writing my master thesis in computer science. After some on/off period of training in 2016, now I've been at the gym since December 2016 3-4 times a week.

Current body stats:

- 181cm (5'11")
- 82kg (181 lbs)
- 15-16% bodyfat

So RFL starts today 07-17-2017 and ends after 11 days on 07-28-2017 followed by 3 refeed days (including friday 28.) until 07-30-2017. Then 2 weeks about maintenance and then I'll maybe give UD2 a try.

Today was day 1:

- Depletion workout as mentioned in the UD2, but only performed once, not twice.

- Macros today are the following: 18,2 fats (10g from Omega3 capsules), 27,3g carbs and 223,5g protein which sums up to about 1395kcal.

Food was:

Tomato, pepper, turkey, plaice, low fat quark, lamb's lettuce and some whey isolate.

The next logs will be more structured : )
Have a nice evening everybody
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