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So yesterday was day 2 and everything went fine.
In the morning I went cycling for about 90minutes with an average heart rate of 123, along with some Yohimbine HCL and 200mg caffeine.

So facts from day 2:

Weight: 81,8kg (always in the morning after waking up)

Meal 1:

Lollo rosso lettuce 240g
Tomato 100g
Boiled ham 200g

6,9g fats / 11,1g carbs / 43,1g protein

Meal 2:

Whey Isolate 30g

0,2g fats / 0,9g carbs / 25,2g protein

Meal 3:

Turkey breast in spicy soup 325g

3,3g fats / 0g carbs / 78,3g protein

Meal 4:

Low fat quark 250g
Whey Isolate 50g

0,9g fats / 11,8g carbs / 72g protein

Throughout the day 13g of fish oil capsules. I won't mention the fish oil in the next logs, but it's there.

So this sums up to:

20,2g fats / 23,8g carbs / 221,6g protein / 1167kcal

I know it seems quite a lot of whey protein, but I don't feel hungry and I'am not used to eating about 220g protein only with food, so this is fine for me.
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