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Originally Posted by asayers99 View Post
I'm going to do this one a little differently than my typical review primarily because this is a little different type of product than those I typically get. Applied nutrition for mixed sports is a video of a seminar given by Lyle McDonald to a host of athletes on a college campus that has been fleshed out into a fully product that can be applied by almost any individual who has an active lifestyle. The package comes in three parts. The video (comprised of two DVD's) which is...the video, the companion slides which are the slides that were presented, and the workbook which could be served as a standalone product covering the same information as the seminar in written form.

The seminar is an interesting listen. It's three hours long so I'd suggest making sure that you've got some spare time before firing them up. Most fitness related DVD's involve the speaker looking like they've either not shat in 3 weeks \ is about to bust one out at any moment or they stare off woodenly at some point behind the camera always making me wonder what is so cool back there and why we're all not looking at that. None of these are the case in this DVD. Lyle is virtually textbook on his speech skills. Rapid, concise, no long pauses, no pitch issues. He just blazes through like he's been doing it his whole life while keeping you interested for the full presentation. For the most part the presentation is very smooth. There are a couple sections where an audience member might ask a question where you might not hear it, but using your powers of context clues you can typically figure out what was asked by the answer. Additionally there are a couple slides that the formatting didn't make it, but that only really effects the suckers who are in the audience since you have a corrected slide in your packet.

The slides are the slides. I don't know any other way of phrasing that one. If you want to look at them while Lyle is talking you now have that ability.
The booklet is probably going to be the unsung star of the package. Some people learn better by hearing and some people learn better by reading and with this package you get both. The booklet covers the same information that's on the DVD but it's a book making it much easier to reference. This is especially valuable because the information itself being very basic level stuff that 99.9% of the people should be using 99.9% of the time.

This product is the very first product that anyone interested in sports nutrition should buy. I said it. Why did I say it? This product provides the essentials of sport nutrition and it delivers it in two very accessible formats, and most importantly I challenge anyone that buys this product to NOT be able to apply the information given to their training world. I can't tell you the number of times that I've sat through some presentation about nutrition where everyone is all tickled about the wonderful information they now have and then you ask the question "OK, what are you going to do with it" and you get the blank stare because the information isn't really doable. The information presented here is geared with the bare bones "This is what NEEDS to happen" approach and cuts out all the garbage that doesn't. I give this set an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Find it here
I received my ANMS material 2 days ago and began reviewing last night. As I am more of a visual/auditory learner, I spent more time with the DVDs. Lyle's delivery is exceptionally effective. And I too am very impressed with the info in this package. I totally agree with asayers99 when he says:

"This product is the very first product that anyone interested in sports nutrition should buy."

I look forward to going through ANMS this weekend. It will be mandatory for several of my athletes to view the DVDs this summer.

This was a fantastic investment except that my wife is pissed at me for putting my nose into the book at night when I should be tending to other matters LOL!
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