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Originally Posted by BigBearBits View Post
You mentioned the 4200 calorie day for your free meal. Assumed that was pretty big given you have 134lbs lbm. To me that's a big free meal. We're talking what, 1700+ cals over maintenance with normal activity? Assuming you're not running weekly ironmans. A free meal is supposed to be just a little something you wouldn't normally have, not all the things. If that works for you no problem though.

I'm sure it's somewhere in the book. Lyle says 1-2 free meals or refeeds a week, it's up to you. If the one of each helps you adhere, go for it.

I see what youre saying.

I used the 4200 calories as an example to compare possible fat gain vs a 4200 calorie refeed day.

Usually, when I have free meals, my daily kcals probably come up just short of 3000kcals total, maybe 3200kcals.

However, I was shooting for 800 carbs Sunday per the guidelines in the Flexible Dieting book, and even with fat kept low, that set me at about 4200kcals, which is more than I would usually eat from a free meal day, except fat would be higher and carbs would be lower.

So in addition to a smaller refeed (350g carbs) midweek, I was asking about a free meal also, which would probably end up being a total of 3000-3200kcals for the entire day, maybe 1000kcals from normal diet food, and 2000 or so from dinner out and dessert maybe
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