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sorry there are a problem with my post, so i repost:

Hello guys!
I followed diet according to some recommandations of lyle mcdonald, thing like 3 day per week at 1000 calories, very high protein and 4 day at maintenance
Itís working well, I have lost 10 pounds , Me at the moment:
I decide to start the UD 2.0
I have perform the depletation workout, 12 sets per bodypart (less for arms and delts), 15-20 secondes per sets, 1 minute rest betwen sets
The problem: I have never feel my back at trainning (however Itís definitively not a weak body part), and during the depletation workout despite good form, I have not feel my back
And for the others bodypart I have feel my muscles but not hard burning, nausea, it wasnít to hard (Just on the leg press in my quads and glutes it was horrible)
My question is: it is possible to not deplete effectively the muscles while all is doing right? (Good form, 45-60 secondes under tension, 1 minutes of rest)
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