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W1D3 & W1D4

Foods as outlined in post #8. Exercise: nil
Itís been going okay with only one unusual event. A couple of times over these two days, my body has felt like a furnace. This could be the result of either being wrapped up too warm or the liberal use of spices like cayenne, ginger and parsley. The sensation was transient (Iíd say maybe 15 minutes) and didnít stop me from doing anything.


Today turned into a cheat day (rather than a one free meal day) the moment I washed down my first mealís chicken with homemade lemonade. I then had a large packet of nuts for a snack and onion rings, more chicken, starchy vegetables and sweet mango juice for the second meal.

Cals- 2002
Prot- 118
Fats- 104
Carb- 143

Almost half the calories and fat grams came from the snack! That large packet of nuts was the last item added to my shopping basket and I must have been too tired to even remember to read the label.

Iím super full right now and donít see myself eating more than vegetables and a couple of shakes tomorrow.
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