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Originally Posted by w1cked View Post
Funny i was actually gonna make a post about this one...lots of guys are in the 1g/lb camp when it comes to even enhanced bulks other like 1.5+...i cant figure out which is better since aas makes protein turn over more efficient but you can also use more theoretically. I end up at 1.25 to 1.6 usually because i love meat milk etc. Still getting in a boatload of carbs so I guess more can't hurt.
There’s a very knowledgeable guy on AAS on Lyle’s FB group goes by Chester Rockwell and he said except for instances of HGH he rarely puts his clients over 1g per lb. Yeah it won’t hurt to go higher, Lyle even had 1.4 as the upper limit for bulking natties in the Protein book. Even the steroid studies in the 90s where the guys gained lots of muscle they were only eating like 16x BW calories and .6g per lbs.
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