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Originally Posted by funkord View Post
1. Social gatherings... in my culture it's extremely rude to reject food, and honestly I do not want to come across as a weirdo infront of people because I cannot track very accurately what is in there. However I need to find. A way where this will not totally ruin my journey because I have a rich social life and do not want to give that up completely for the sake of fat loss.

2. The problem is that sometimes I work for hours and food is the last thing I can think of. But then I dxperience hypo... diziness, pounding heart, feeling of faintg, paleness... and gues what, when I have that I do not look for a chicken salad but the first food item I find just to raise my blood sugar, and that is often office jubk food lying around. I need to learn how to handle this...

Any advice appreciated.
1. "Oh your food looks so delicious, but I am just stuffed from a big meal. I would love to take some home though."


"Your food is so tempting, but I don't sleep well when I eat this late. Maybe just a bite?"


"Oh, that smells so good. But I have a big meal later with someone and I need to save some room."

IOW, polite fictions as needed.

2. Tangerines, dates (or whatever dried fruit you like), fruit juice...those can drop you in to a rebound though. Good to have a little protein/fat with whatever. You could have some trail mix (nuts with dried fruit/chocolate even). Maybe some kind of bar, or even a peanut butter & jelly sandwich if you like them and it fits your diet.
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