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Funny enough, my weight is all over the place. For instance, I weighed yesterday after breakfast and weighed in at 91.1 kg. Then this morning before breakfast and after using the toilette my weight was 93.0 kg... wth? I guess that just tells how unuseful tracking only weight this. I have definitely lost some fat... less to pinch on stomach area, added a belt hole the past week and my the separations shoulders arms are starting to come through... o yeah, I started creatine recently so that's why the progress is not so noticeable on the scale. However, I still cannot explain the wild oscillations from day to day. Adherence was great these past days, so was training. I am slowly getting addicted to the combination cottage cheese, greek yoghurt and frozen mixed berries pre bed time. Delicious and gives me a nice bolus of protein of about 80 g... I have really central fat distribution... lower stomach, lower back and love handles... no visceral fat I'd say, but it's all in my mid section.
Will post a progress pic soon.
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