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Originally Posted by niloluiz View Post
There's no reason to go for a non-crystal supplier. I did a superficial search before acquiring and it's not common so I didn't bother looking for it. The only convenience is that you don't need to take the 25% sodium into account when capping.... so 100mg is 100mg..... besides that the powder must also be transported wet so you will have to dry it anyway...

DHL is about 2.5x the price of EMS so for most US locations this would be around $100 just for the shipping. DNP itself should not be more than $30 or so per kg.
Hm, I wonder if you could get a broken-down quote for the product vs the shipping. The appeal of powder is the constant steady-state effect versus the apparently spiky nature of the salt, and erm, we all want the very best for our plants right?
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