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Originally Posted by Totentanz View Post
I think calling crossfit a 'jack-of-all-trades' equivalent is flawed anyway. Despite the whole focus on GPP, I've met approximately zero of them who actually have a physical ability to meet most general situations. Heck, strongman competition training would probably be better for general stuff than crossfit.

Crossfit is quite good at helping you break your spine in half though.
I guess that depends on what you mean by general situation.

Xfitters at best have moderate strength, endurance, etc. they are a jack of all trades in that sense; they have basic development in each capaacity. And like circuit training, they have no good deveoopment in anything. They are mediocre at a lot of stuff.

A strongman can develop endurance more quickly than an xfitter can develop strength. Becuase the former is far easier to develop than the latter and a guy who can flip a 600 lb tire can automatically do a 300 lb tire easily. A guy who can flip a 300 lb tire for 60 seconds can't move the 600 lb tire
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