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Originally Posted by lylemcd View Post
The line between true pathology and milder forms if often vague. Generaly speaking, the distinction is this

When a behavior
a. becomes physically damaging
b. cannot be controlled by the person without interventing even in the face of severely negative consequences.

it has crossed that line

So someone who drinks every weekend is not an alcoholic. Even if they drink daily.
Unless that drinking starts to have negative cosnequecnes (lose job, health problems) AND the person can't quit by themselves.

Same thing here IMO.
Originally Posted by ErinFL View Post
Agreed. It's a chicken/egg thing-did the sport cause the disordered thought patterns about eating, or was the personality tendency there and that's part of the draw to the sport. Contest prep, even when done as "smart" as possible, does entail a certain amount of OCD behavior. I know personally I tend on the super-organized side and competing has fed that obsessiveness. And as Lyle said I also believe that the majority of competitors that don't have a full blown eating disorder pathology with the neurochemical aspect still can have a related behavioral condition-but it is controllable for those individuals.
Agreed. I don't think I have an ED right now. Maybe a bit of a disordered way of looking at food and my nature, just like Jenna, is that I have to have things planned out. I need structure, I find strength and comfort in the numbers and knowing my clear borders REALLY helps me. I make lists constantly and while I have a spontaneous nature, the physique world has definitely over-developed my sense obsessiveness towards structure - so much so that at times, when I don't know EXACTLY what I'm eating, I go way over. With Flexible Dieting - it helps me off the obsessive structure and not fret so much over every little detail.

By no means have I perfected the flexible dieting mode, but I have gone several times without tracking, no problem, and got right back on my diet, most recent longer stint of time being a trip in August.

I can maintain without counting, but right now my goal is dieting, so if I throw maintenance in the middle of it, to me, things seem to contradict and that throws my order of, KWIM? When it comes to diet, I need one goal: diet or maintain or gain. Trying to mix them doesn't work in my brain.
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