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Ummm, holy goodness!? So I was apparently really busy yesterday and didn't even notice it, but I only ended up drinking 3 cups of water ALL DAY instead of my usual gallon jug.

The scale went nuts this morning....

3/5: 243.4
3/6: 242.6
3/7: 242.6 (only 3 cups water)
3/8: 243.8

That's called conservation of water, lol. Jeez body. Homeostasis really gave me a kick in the pants there. It wasn't even a free meal or lifting day! Regular PSMF diet and I popped up 1.2 lbs overnight. That's ok. Water weight is a funny thing.

I was going to wait til 239 to do the next free meal, but I've been staving off weird cravings lately for things like salty rice crackers, baked potatoes--sea salted and spray buttered. Even in my morning cottage cheese, I taste the lovely sodium. Perhaps physiologically my body wants salt?? I would like to take a free meal soon. My last one was February 24th. This Friday 3/10 I will have a free meal and then look forward to hitting the new group of numbers after that.
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