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Originally Posted by BEATMEOUTTAME View Post
I don't see the humor in recommending a lethal dosage of vitamin c to someone.

Do NOT take 6000 mg of vitamin c. That is flirting with deadly levels of toxicity
6000 mg isn't really a lethal dosage. Vitamin C has a fairly low toxicity. The toxic dosage in rats is almost 12 grams per kg of bodyweight. Obviously humans aren't rats, but assuming a similar toxicity for humans, that would mean an average person could take almost 120 grams of vitamin c without dying.

So 6 grams of vitamin c isn't going to kill a person. Sure, you'll get diarrhea at that dose but you won't die unless you've got other problems. Not that I'm advocating taking that much. I'd not really go any higher than 2 grams if it were me. Even 2 grams is probably going to give you some stomach issues.
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