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Unread 09-17-2018, 10:42 PM
Twitchy Twitchy is offline
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Originally Posted by manofsteel View Post
But does this seem like a good way to maximize fat loss and muscle retention/growth?
Have you read any of Lyle's books or articles because they already give you the best way to retain muscle and lose fat.

Fasting on your rest days is not conducive to muscle retention.
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Unread 09-21-2018, 01:35 AM
militarypress militarypress is offline
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Default Paleorexia

Your diet shows innovation I suppose. Being able to think outside the box is a valuable asset to have in many situations in life... just not this one mate.

Honestly OP, I would suggest your general thinking around diet has become not only asinine but definitely not healthy from a mental health point of view.

I used to be a bit of a loner in my teens and spent a lot of time on nutrition forums, in particular; "Paleo sites." I became so obsessed with diet that my thoughts were consumed by what current crazy fad diet I was either following or had made up myself. I'm a former 'paleorexic' - it lead to a mental and physical breakdown. IF as you describe comes under that disorder (yes I made Paleorexia up but its still real and you've probably got it.)

Things like taking IF to the extreme like you outlined though mate, you have bought into the marketing and hype brought about by fitness websites I imagine. In reality, IF has become just like the 'eat more fat to burn fat' nonsense: made to seem new and shiny, out of the box, the secret you have been missing to getting that fat loss and muscle gain you so desire. Just like keto isn't magic, neither is this. IF is mainly to make it easier to fit your diet around your life. Use it as such.

(by the sounds of it though I think you should establish a linear, baseline diet. Not for physiological reasons, for psychological ones; doing something so idiotic and extreme indicates to me an eating disorder tbh with you.)

Also, if your doing stupid crap like this around diet, I'd recommend you stay well away from substances like: eca, PHs, real gear and other PEDs etc. I say this because in all likelihood you will probably think 'more is better' with such tools as well and end up causing damage to yourself or even killing yourself.

Stay safe mate. Don't try and reinvent the wheel: read the EOD refeeds thread or buy UD2.0 if you're dead set on recomp. Still, I'd recommend you do a linear diet and stop all this nonsense. It will give your head a break to start something simple and stop going to such extreme lengths in search of better results because you'll just spin your wheels and look like a complete nutcase with a chronic eating disorder.

If it's not broken, don't fix it.
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